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Das ist mein drittes Jahr in Sofia

"It is my 3rd year in Sofia" - the story of Jens, a student in medical studies from Germany

Das Interview mit unserem ehemaligen Bewerber, Jens, wurde von Emi Shahova, eine der Agentur-Mitarbeiter, in Sofia am 29.01.2018 auf Englisch geführt.

Medical Studies in Sofia review

Would you please introduce yourself briefly name, age etc.?

My name is Jens Kenman, I am 22 years old, I live in Sofia and study medicine. It is my 3rd year in Sofia.

Where do you come from?

I come from Germany, close to Cologne and in west Germany.

What are you doing here in Sofia and in Bulgaria in general?

I am studying medicine at the Medical University in Sofia. I am already in the 3rd year up to make my degree.

What are the advantages of studying here for you? How did you decide to come in Bulgaria?

The advantage, for example, is that it is super cheap to live here in Sofia and in Bulgaria in general at least for us Germans. I decided to come here, because I didn’t get the place in Germany for studying medicine. Quite spontaneous I was looking for other opportunities to learn and then I decided to come here.  

How long do you live here?

I came here in 2015

What did impress you here most?

It was a bit difficult at the beginning, but people are nice here when you get used to with. The life is quite simple, not that organized as in Germany. That is the benefit.

What do you like/dislike in Sofia?

As I told it is not that well organized and it was a bit difficult to get used to with.

How do you rate the living costs compared to Germany and other European countries?

Here the going out with friends is cheaper and you can afford much more in comparison with Germany. It is quite nice for students.

Why did you decide to study medicine?

I like the combination out of science and the social work with people. At first I decided it really late at the age of 18 to study medicine and I made an internship in hospital and decided to do this it is the best combination of the 2 of these fields.

What kind of courses/subjects do you attend right now?

Now I have Introductions in to the clinics, Theory of the medicine, Surgery, Pathophysiology, Pathology and such things.

Is the studying process good organized in your opinion?

I think it is well organized especially here in the way of groups in classes and people. That`s the system I really like. Think it is easier, because people take more time for you.

How big are the student groups?

The groups are about 10 people and you know well each other and help each other because you attend the same classes.

Medical Studies in Sofia

Do you feel comfortable with the size of the groups?

Yes, I do.

Does every student become sufficient attention from the professors and the university staff?

Mostly yes, but it depends on yourself too, if you are motivated enough, then of course they appreciate that and they pay you more attention. You must be proactive. I think it is for all studies.

Do you like your colleagues at the university?

Yes, most of them are internationals. They come from different countries.

Where do they come from?

From Greece, UK, Sweden, mainly European countries

Are there any other German students – how many?

There are about 20 others and more are coming now in Sofia.

Which is your favorite subject?

I like Pathophysiology, Physiology

Do you like the way of teaching at the university?

Yes, I like it. As I said there are small groups and it is nice.

What could be improved in the medical studies at that university – what could be done better?

For the studies they of course have to follow up certain plans, but the way of examining is always like the same. It could be made with more multiple choices questions and more different ways of examining. But in general I like it here.

You mean that there must be more tests` like questions?

Yes, I mean it is subjective, if the teacher likes you it is easier to get it but if he doesn’t it is a big problem. I could be more combination of both of them.

Do you like the student`s lifestyle in Sofia?

Till now yes ?

How do you spend your spare time?

I am going out, make some sports, all different kinds.

What kind of sports do practice?

I used to do some fitness, some football/soccer

Where do you like to go out?

I like many different places, but prefer more like bars and restaurants. But there are lot of here in Sofia.

How often do you fly to Germany? Are there good flight connections from Sofia to your home city?

I fly every 2 months and it depends on how busy I am. I have good connections for West Germany and many places I could go. But usually I fly to Netherlands, because I live close to the border. And the flights are quite cheap and there is a good connection.

How did you hear about our agency, Edumedicus?

Actually when I checked in Germany for the studies, my friends were just looking around where we could study elsewhere and they just came by chance at you.

Why did you choose us?

First of all, because compared to the others Agency Edumedicus was cheaper. The others were more expensive. And also because it was organized by Bulgarians.

When did you contact us for the very first time?

It was something like September 2015

Did you receive good customer service?

Yes, till now yes. Actually, I didn’t get that much service, because it was very well organized.

What advice would you give to other Germans, who are planning to study medicine in Sofia or generally - abroad?

First of all they should be open to other language, to be open to come and live here, not only to be connected with the Germans, but also stay here. As a conclusion I would say I am happy to live here and study here. At the beginning it was hard, but now it is ok when you get used to with people and the country.

These were my all questions. Thank you very much for your time!

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